Celebrating 30 Years of Refurbishing Excellence

Since 1984, DRE has prided itself on the superior quality of its refurbishing process. We have decades of experience refurbishing monitors, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, electrosurgical equipment, surgical lights, and much more.

Our Philosophy

We hire and recruit our motivated staff from specific fields including biomedical, mechanical and electrical engineering. Our relationships with area biomedical colleges, along with our many industry contacts, allows DRE to employ qualified and hard-working professionals. We also invest in extended training and the latest refurbishing tools to properly clean, diagnose, repair, paint and test our products.

When it comes to finding a refurbishing partner, it is important to choose a company that can keep up with the demanding nature of the business. DRE takes the extra steps to be the supplier you can trust.

Call us at (800) 462-8195 today to learn more about our selection of professionally refurbished equipment.

Which Refurb Level is Right for Your Facility?

  • Reprocessed Equipment – devices are checked to see if they meet original equipment manufacturer standards. After that, they're cleaned, disinfected, sterilized and shipped to your door.
  • Cosmetically Refurbished Equipment – devices are tested to meet OEM specifications, but biomedical engineers paint and complete other surface modifications before it leaves the warehouse.
  • Parts Refurbished Equipment – the device didn't meet OEM specifications, biomeds will replace the necessary parts then cosmetically refurbish the equipment.
  • Fully Refurbished Equipment – the ultimate overhaul of a device, biomeds replace major parts and give the equipment a full facelift to meet or exceed OEM specifications.