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DRE Vida Multi-Parameter Monitor

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DRE Vida Multi-Parameter Monitor

Product Description

DRE Waveline Pro Anesthesia Monitor

Measures Up to 8 Different Parmeters: Waveform field is configurable screen for maximum 4 waveforms (ECG, SPO2, Resp, Invasive BP or Capnography/AGM). Possible to view any 4 ECG leads, if 5-lead ECG cable is connected (5 lead version).


  • Compatible with CRT/color LCD of variable sizes 15”, 17”, & 20”
  • Optional in-built dual channel thermal array recorder
  • 24 hr. graphical/tabular trends with zoom facility and separate dedicated trend for storing 240 NIBP readings
  • Graded and color coded alarms with audio/visual indicators
  • Auto setting of alarm limits depending on present patient condition for all the parameters (except NIBP)
  • Alarm recall facility to view last 16 stored critical alarms (patient related)
  • Recording of ECG strip with complete numerical data and patient information
  • Multi-lead ECG monitoring (simultaneous monitoring of 4 ECG leads)
  • Comprehensive patient data entry
  • Built-in recorder


  • Dimensions: 100 x 350 x 300 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 6.5 kg. with in-built batteries, Capnography & recorder
  • Power Supply: Universal Power Supply: 95-265V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Rating: 40 watt
  • Battery Type: 12V, 4Ah lead acid
  • Operating Time: 30 min. for fully charged battery (with full load & NIBP auto mode 2 mins. interval & recorder on for 2 mins.)
  • Charging Time: 90% charge in 12 hr. for fully discharged battery


  • Type: Built-in 2-channel thermal array recorder
  • Dot Density: 203 DPI
  • Paper Width: 58 mm
  • Printing Width: 48 mm
  • Speed: 25 mm/sec


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