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DRE Waveline EZ Portable Patient Monitor with Touch-Screen

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DRE Waveline EZ Portable Patient Monitor with Touch-Screen
DRE Waveline EZ Touch-screen Patient Monitor

Product Description

Extremely portable, feature rich, touch-screen monitor.

ECG, Respiration, SpO2, Noninvasive BP and Temperature. Available with EtCO2 and printer.

DRE Waveline EZ Touch-screen Patient Monitor
Featuring cutting-edge innovations and impeccable craftsmanship, the DRE Waveline EZ patient monitor is the perfect choice for health care professionals who demand precision, performance and affordability. It features an intuitive touchscreen that helps you quickly and accurately evaluate patient conditions, resulting in better patient care. Utilize the Waveline EZ to monitor ECG, respiration, SpO2, NIBP and temperature; it's also available with EtCO2 monitoring and a printer.
  • Weighs only 6 lbs. One of the most mobile multi parameter monitors on the market.
  • Touch-screen provides immediate operation
  • 8 inch high resolution color display.
  • Simultaneous multi-lead ECG monitoring
  • Advanced ST and arrhythmia detection
  • Graphical and tabular trending
  • Displays five waveforms
  • Battery backup
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Quick BP readings recall
  • New - Bigger time stamp in upper right corner
  • New - Standby button
  • New - Revised SpO2 pitch tone is still audible when SpO2 rate decreases.
  • New - Volume and Sounds are adjustable and now can be turned off completely
  • New - Option to print Numerical Data Only
  • New - Color of the waveforms can be changed
Capnography is outpacing Pulse Oximetry as the new standard of care in outpatient surgery procedures. Click to see the dramatic difference between CO2 and SPO2.

Physical Dimensions:

  • Height: ~8-1/5 inches
  • Width: 9 inches
  • Length: 4-7/10 inches

Technical Specifications

Safety Approval & Quality System
  • Designed to meet IEC60601-1-1988, EN60601-1-1, EN60601-2
  • Class II Equipment, double insulated
  • Type BF applied parts
  • ISO9001 & EN46001 Certified
Power Requirements
  • Power Supply AC 90-264V/47-63Hz
  • Input Power ≤55VA
  • Fuses Two fuse sockets in the rear panel indicated by "FUSE", OI 5X20, 2A/250V
  • Battery 12V/4.0AH sealed lead-acid
  • Charge time ≥4 hours
  • Operating time ≥2 hours (full recharge)
  • Battery Charging Method Automatic
  • charging after monitor is connected to AC power supply (with charge protection function)
  • Discharge Protection When powered by battery, the monitor will be automatically turned off when battery power is almost used up

Performance Specifications

  • Input -3-lead ECG cable and standard AAMI line for connection
  • Input - (Optional) 5-lead ECG cable and standard AAMI line for connection
  • Patient Safety Standard IEC60601-1-1988
  • CMRR ≥60dB (Common Mode Rejection Ratio)
  • Heart Rate Range 20 ~ 254bpm ± 1bpm
  • Heart Rate Averaging 8 second average
  • ST Segment Range -0.8 ~ + 0.8mV
  • Interface AAMI 6-pin
  • Lead Selection I, II, III (3 lead mode)
  • I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, V (5 lead mode) (ST and Arrhythmia analysis)
  • Lead Fault Alarm Audible, Visual Input 5-lead ECG patient cable
  • QRS Indicator Audible and Visual Alert
  • Waveform Storage 6 minutes
  • Sweep Speed 12.5/25/50 mm/sec
  • Gain Selection 4mV, 2mV, 1mV, 0.5mV, 0.25mV,Auto
  • Trends 2 hours -> 4 hours -> 8 hours -> 24 hours -> 48 hours
  • Patient Isolation Breakdown voltage 4000VAC 50Hz 60 seconds Leakage current <10μA
  • Frequency width Monitoring mode 0.5 ~ 40Hz (+0.4dB,-3.0dB) Surgery mode 0.5 ~ 20Hz (+0.4dB, -3.0dB) not calibration significant
  • Patient Drive Current <10μA
  • Enclosure Leakage Current <0.1mA
  • Maximum T Wave Rejection Capability 1.2mV
  • Heart Rate Alarm Response Time < 7 seconds
  • Aspect Ratio 0.24 ~ 0.6 sec/mV
  • Alarm Frequency Low alarm: 2-2.4kHz High alarm: 3-3.4kHz
  • Defibrillator Protected & ESIS Protected Tested with 5kV
  • Recovery Time Following Defibrillation <5 seconds


  • Measurement Method Thoracic Impedance
  • Respiration Rate Range 0 ~ 100±1rpm
  • Accuracy ±2 rpm

Pulse Oximetry (SpO2)

  • SpO2 Range 0-100% Adult/Pediatric/Neonate
  • SpO2 Averaging 8 second average
  • SpO2 Accuracy ±2% (70 ~ 100%), ±3% (40 ~ 70%)
  • Pulse Rate Range 30 ~ 250bpm
  • Pulse Rate Averaging 8 beat average
  • Pulse Rate Accuracy ±1% @ 30 ~ 100bpm
  • Sensor Types Finger, Universal "Y", wrap probes
  • Pulse Rate Display Digital

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP)

  • Method Automatic oscillometric
  • Parameters Systolic, diastolic, mean arterial pressure, pulse
  • Scale mmHg or kPa
  • Operating Modes Manual, Automatic, Continuous
  • Repeat Cycles 1 ~ 10, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes
  • Determination Systolic, Adult/pediatric 40 ~ 250mmHg (5.3 ~ 33.3kPa) Systolic, Neonate 20 ~ 160mmHg (2.7 ~ 21.3kPa) Diastolic, Adult/pediatric 10 ~ 180mmHg (1.3 ~ 24.0kPa) Diastolic, Neonate 10 ~ 140mmHg (1.3 ~ 18.7kPa)
  • Cuff Pressure Range Adult/pediatric 0 ~ 300mmHg (0 ~ 40.0kPa) Neonate 0 ~ 140mmHg (0 ~ 18.7kPa)
  • Initial Cuff Inflation Adult/pediatric 170±10mmHg (22.7±1.3kPa) Neonate 100±10mmHg (16.0±1.3kPa)
  • Deflation Pressure 30mmHg(4.0kPa) higher than the last systolic pressure
  • Cuff Inflation Rate No greater than 50mmHg/sec
  • Measurement Time Typical 25 seconds, Maximum 40 seconds, Typical Stat 20 seconds
  • Pressure Display Accuracy ±3mmHg
  • BP Pulse Rate Accuracy ±2% @ 40 ~240bpm
  • Cuff Neonate, infant, pediatric,standard adult

Temperature (Dual Channel)

  • Range 0 ~ 50°C
  • Probe YSI ® 400 Skin surface or rectal /esophageal
  • Scale Celsius
  • Accuracy ±0.1°C
  • Resolution 0.1°C


  • Type Side stream, mom-dispersive IR
  • CO2 Range 0-99mmHg
  • Scale mmHg/kPa
  • Accuracy +- 2mmHg (0-40mmHg) +- 5mmHg (41-76mmHg) +-10mmHg (77-99mmHg)
  • Calibration Automatic
  • Respiration Range 0-150rpm, +- 2rpm

TFT Color Display

  • Size 8 inches
  • Matrix 640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels

Recorder (Optional)

  • Type Built-in 2-channel thermal array recorder
  • Print mode Text or waveform
  • Waveforms Real time or alarm-triggered
  • Resolution 400dpi vertical, 800dpi horizontal
  • Annotations Time, date, vital sign readings
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