DRE Maxx Luxx 3 Surgery Lighting System

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Product Description

Highly efficient surgery lighting system provides extremely cool output

The DRE Maxx Luxx 3 refines surgery lighting. It provides increased efficiency over traditional halogen light sources, producing a lux output of over 100,000 with only a 39 watt H.I.D. bulb, versus a 150 watt halogen bulb. The Maxx Luxx 3 virtually eliminates heat, while increasing color temperature to over 4,300° Kelvin. Plus the Maxx Luxx 3 boasts a rated bulb life of over 10,000 hours and includes accurate, complete mechanical dimming.


  • Highly efficient surgery lighting system
  • Extremely cool output — lowest possible heat
  • Superb color temperature
  • Extremely long bulb life
  • Wide range mechanical dimming
  • 100,000 lux output at 1 meter
  • 4,300° Kelvin color temperature
  • 6.5” – 9” adjustable pattern
  • 50% – 100% mechanical dimming
  • Over 10,000 hour bulb life for primary bulbs


Choose the configuration that is right for your operating room


  • Single mounts available with a light head or a monitor
  • Portable stands available with a light head
  • Dual ceiling mounts available with two lights heads, a light head and a monitor, or a light head and a camera
  • Triple ceiling mounts available with three lights heads, two light heads and a camera, or two light heads and a monitor




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