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Refurbished - Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table

  • Refurbished
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Refurbished - Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table

Product Description

The Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table combines innovation and design to create exceptional positioning for patients weighing up to 1,000 lbs. You can safely raise and lower larger patients in both normal and reverse orientation and have virtually the same positioning capabilities as with other patients.

The Amsco 3085 SP Table offers the same quality, reliability, and flexibility you've come to expect in Amsco surgical equipment products.


  • Unprecedented versatility for every surgical specialty
  • Designed for flexibility in patient positioning
  • Exceptional image amplification (IA) coverage
  • Built-in safety and reliability


  • Table top length: 76 in (193 cm)
  • Table top width: 20” (51 cm)
  • Table height range (Min/Max): 27’ (69 cm) / 45” (114 cm)
  • Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 25º
  • Lateral tilt (left & right): 18º
  • Patient weight capacity: 1000 lb. (454 kg)


  • Foot Control is available. Unit is used in conjunction with the hand control to provide the surgeon with Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg, Raise/Lower, and Side Tilt control during surgical procedures. Unit includes three foot actuated rocker switches, a stainless-steel protective guard, and coiled cord extending to 10’ (305 cm) length.
  • ACT (Advanced Control Technology Interface is available for the Amsco 3085 SP ACT Enabled Surgical Tables. This interface enables the networking of the Amsco 3085 SP Surgical Table with various Operating Room Control Systems (ORCS). The ACT Enabled table, STERIS ACT Enabled Hand Control, and ORCS (not provided by STERIS) provide surgeons with direct control or table operation using simple verbal commands and/or touch screen displays. Unit includes ACT Enabled hand control, and ORCS interface kit with 20’ (610 cm) cable.
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