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Retired - DRE Millennium Stretcher

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  • Retired
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Retired - DRE Millennium Stretcher

Product Description

DRE Millennium 5 Also Available

DRE no longer offers the Millennium Stretcher as a new product.  We would like to refer you to our new Millennium-3 Stretcher.

The Millennium Stretcher from DRE features twin pedal Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg adjustments.  Height adjustment pedals are located on both sides of this stretcher.  Brake/steer pedals are located at each corner, above the 8-inch wheels with central locking castors.  The full-length lateral bumper strip protects both the finish of the stretcher as well as the walls of your facility.  The full-length side rails fold under with a one-hand maneuver to free your other hand.  There are four infusion pole sockets at each corner in easy reach.  The thermoformed underbed base cover has been designed to hold oxygen cylinder holder.  This stretcher is rated from the manufacturer to have a 550-pound weight capacity.  This stretcher is factory new with a one year warranty.

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