Oakworks Nova Portable Treatment Table

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Oakworks Nova Portable Treatment Table

Product Description

Engineered to meet the toughest challenges of your busiest days, yet light enough to meet your needs for portability...plus an impressive selection of options that lets you create a table perfectly suited to your needs.

With the greatest number of height ranges, widths and options, the finest of finishes on rock solid hard maple and all the elegant touches, the message is clear: this is an investment in a very bright future. The Nova has a stellar reputation as the best in the industry and offers the strength, durability and versatility to be exactly what you need.


  • 450 lb (204 kg) Dynamic Load capacity
  • The most versatile, customizable table Oakworks offers
  • InterLock Legs with deep channels for secure height adjustment
  • CableLock system uses aircraft quality cables to ensure structural integrity
  • IntegraHinge clamping system dynamically increases support as weight increases
  • Nylon leg blocks for increased strength and durability
  • Plush Foam (standard)
  • Easy portability


  • Dynamic Load: 450 lbs (204 kg)
  • Weight: 29-34 lbs (13 kg - 87 kg)
  • Widths: 27” (67 cm), 29” (77 cm), 31” (79 cm), 33” (84 cm)
  • Length: 73” (185 cm)
  • Height Ranges: 18”-26” (46 cm - 66 cm), 22”-30” (56 cm - 76 cm), 24”-34” (61 cm - 87 cm), 26"-36” (66 cm - 91 cm)
  • Padding: Semi-Firm, Plush, Firm, Aero-Cel
  • Upholstery: TerraTouch Tufflex or Ultratouch II
  • Tops: Rectangular or Rounded Corners


  • Face Rests
  • Wooden Portable Arm Rests
  • Bolster Arm Rests
  • Face Holes with Fillers
  • Paper Roll Holders
  • Table Extenders
  • Access End Panels
  • Shiatsu Cables


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