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DRE Xavier-C2 Portable Halogen Headlight

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DRE Xavier-C2 Halogen Headlight
DRE Xavier-C2 Portable Halogen Headlight

Product Description

Made in the USA

Portable Halogen Headlight

Maximize the view during examinations with the versatile Xavier-C2 Portable Halogen Headlight System.

This surgical headlight applies advanced High Beam TriLens technology. The result is an unequaled clean, bright, adjustable and well-focused large spot of light.

The Xavier-C2 affords two hours of portable use time with the ECOPAC™ rechargeable battery. Recharge the battery pack up to 500 times, or use the unit with a specifically engineered AC plug-in transformer.

The units headband is highly adjustable and designed to be one of the most comfortable well fitting in the industry.


  • Comfortable, adjustable Standard or Sport Headband.
  • Precision iris adjustment provides a variable spot size.
  • Lens and mirror system delivers clean, even light into the field.
  • Brilliant 11.5 cm spot at 40 cm working distance.
  • Autoclavable positioning bar provides sterile adjustment.
  • Pivot points allow for exceptional coaxial alignment.
  • Component design for low cost and simple maintenance.
  • Brilliant 10-watt halogen lamp provides 100 hours of use.
  • In-line on/off switch provides easy access control.

The System Includes:

  • Xavier-C2 Headlight
  • 100 foot candles at approximately 40mm working distance
  • Transformer (110V or 220/240V)
  • ECOPAC(TM) 2-Hour Rechargable Battery Pack
  • Re-Energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC(TM) (110V 0r 220/240V)
  • 2 Spare 10W Halogen Bulbs
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case

Options and Replacement Parts:

  • 110V Transformer - UL and c/UL Approved
  • 220/240V Transformer - CE Approved
  • ECOPAC™ 2-Hour Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • 110V Re-energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC™ - UL and c/UL Approved
  • 220/240V Re-energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC™CE Approved
  • Replacement Bulb
  • Carrying Case
  • Positioning Bar

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