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DRE Envoy PDM (Patient Data Management) Wireless Monitor System

Product Description

All-in-one wireless central station monitor

The DRE Envoy PDM lets you track vital signs and patient data from pre-op through discharge

  • Wirelessly monitor the vital signs of up to six patients throughout your facility from a single location
  • Track patient data, such as demographics, medications and medical history
  • The Envoy PDM has a large, color touchscreen that is easy to use and provides immediate operation
  • The compact Envoy PDM is about the size of a 15" computer monitor and doesn't require a separate telemetry receiver
  • Includes discharge reports, nursing notes and a complete set of alarms

The DRE Envoy PDM software can be customized to meet the needs of your facility. The software provides:

  • Auto charting of patient vital signs  
  • Full disclosure (96 hours)
  • Auto stop generation of alarm events
  • Manual or automatic strip recording with ECG analysis
  • Ability to schedule the printing of reports
  • Trends charts and strips with arrhythmia detection of ECG data

Seamlessly integrates with up to six DRE Waveline Pro and/or Waveline Touch vital signs monitors

  • Monitors, displays and stores information sent from up to six vital signs monitors in real time
  • A wireless transmitter that attaches to the back of the patient monitor provides a direct link to the DRE Envoy PDM — this makes the patient monitor portable through pre-op, surgery and post-op

Easy-to-use touchscreen interface

  • The compact Envoy PDM's touchscreen allows you to review, edit and enter patient information while you observe all patients in the system

DRE Envoy PDM integrates with patient monitors

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