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Refurbished - Hewlett Packard Codemaster 100

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Refurbished - Hewlett Packard Codemaster 100

Product Description

When it comes to treating and transporting patients, the CodeMaster 100 is in a class by itself.  It delivers the quick charging, dependable performance and advanced features you expect from an HP defibrillator/monitor - all in a durable, water-resistant unit built to withstand the rigors of emergency use.
The CodeMaster 100 is a versatile defibrillator/monitor for BLS- and ALS-trained personnel alike.  BLS responders will appreciate its true 1-2-3 operation, intelligent battery support system, easy-to-use pads for hands-free defibrillation and optional shock advisory -- which signals whether a rhythm is shockable or not and guides users through the process.

ALS responders will value the HP Codemaster 100's advanced manual defibrillation, integrated pulse oximetry, non-invasive pacing, synchronized cardioversion and other advanced features that put them in complete control.

Best of all, 12-Lead ECG, predictive instruments and interpretation are all available on the HP CodeMaster 100 - to speed diagnosis of acute cardiac ischemia and other cardiac arrhythmias, and reduce time to treatment.


  • 12 Lead Defibrillator Pacing Advisory SpO2 
  • Durable design and extra-rugged materials made to withstand everyday bumps and scrapes
  • Built-in pediatric paddles immediately available under slide-off adult electrodes


  • Dimensions:   6.25" H x 1.75" W x 15.13" D (15.9 x 34.9 x 38.4 cm)
  • Weight:  21.5 lbs (9.8 kg)
  • Defibrillator Waveform:  Damped sinusoidal
  • Output Energy (delivered):  2, 3,5, 7, 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200, 300, and 360 joules
  • Charge Control:  Push-button on apex paddle and on front panel
  • Charge Time:  Less than 5 seconds to 360 joules with fully charged battery installed
  • Armed Indicator:  Charge done tone, charge done light on apex paddle and on defibrillator front panel and available energy indicated on display
  • Paddle Contact Indicator (PCI):  3-color LED bar graph array on Sternum paddle indicates quality of defibrillator paddle contact before discharge
  • Paddles:  Standard paddles are water resistant anterior/anterior, adult and pediatric, with PCI.  Adult electrodes (83 cm²).  Paddle cord is 10 ft. (3 m).
  • Synchronizer:  SYNC message appears on monitor and is annoted periodically on recorder while in synchronous mode.  An audible beep sounds with each detected R-wave, while a marker on the monitor and sync designator on the recorder strip indicate the discharge point
  • Optional Shock Advisor:  Allows CodeMaster 100 is to be used as an advisory or "semi-automatic" defibrillator
  • Inputs:  ECG may be viewed through paddles or patient cable.  Lead I, II, III or PADDLES/PADS selectable.  Additional leads (aVR, aVF, aVL, V leads) are available.  Monitor and recorder indicate selected ECG source
  • Heart Rate Display:  Digital readout on monitor from 15 to 300 bpm
  • Heart Rate Alarms:  Three configurable pairs of high and low heart rate alarm limits from 20 to 280 bpm 

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