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Maquet Medical Equipment

Maquet Operating Room Equipment

MAQUET offers complete medical technology solutions for operating theatres, operating rooms, and intensive care units. Product types include surgical tables, surgical lights and ceiling service units as well as prefabricated operating suites. MAQUET also offers a line of ventilation systems for all procedures in intensive care.

Maquet Surgical Tables

MAQUET produces a variety of general purpose and speciality operating tables, from affordably priced manual basic surgical tables to electric powered adjustable "all-rounders" with modular table tops and IR-control panels. Advanced ergonomics and operating safety distinguishes MAQUET OR tables.

ALM Surgical Lights

A world leader in the surgical lighting sector, ALM offers three ranges of surgical lights that offer exceptional illumination quality, surgical field visibility, and ergonomy.

Servo Ventilators (MAQUET)

MAQUET Critical Care brings together innovative medical technology, knowledge and services to help critical care providers achieve tangible, sustainable patient outcomes while contributing to cost-effectiveness. With the internationally established SERVO product range, MAQUET Critical Care maintains total focus on ventilation.

Getinge Company Background

Getinge's Extended Care business area expands through the acquisition of Parker Bath in the UK, Lenken Healthcare in Ireland and Gestion Techno-Médic in Canada. The German group, Maquet, a world-leading manufacturer of surgical tables, is acquired and forms the basis for a new business area, Medical Systems. Getinge's sales exceed SEK 5 billion and the number of employees is over 5,000.

The French company, ALM, is acquired. It is a world-leading manufacturer of surgical lights and complements the product range offered by the Medical Systems business area. Getinge has around 5,500 employees and sales are expected to exceed SEK 7 billion.

HERAEUS was acquired in 2002 to further strengthen Medical Systems’ product range.

As part of the work to broaden the business area’s operations, two acquisitions were made in 2003: JOSTRA’s activities involving equipment and consumables for open heart surgery, and SIEMENS LSS, which manufactures ventilators.

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