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Puritan Bennett Ventilators - Critical Care Equipment

Puritan Bennett Ventilators

Puritan Bennett has been providing respiratory products for nearly a century, the company originated as a medical gas supplier. Today, Puritan Bennett is a division of TYCO Healthcare and services all aspects of medical gas delivery, highlighted by its mechanical ventilators for intubated patients.

In addition to critical care ventilation, Puritan Bennett is a supplier of portable ventilation, oxygen therapy systems, sleep diagnostic and sleep therapy and other respiratory care products.

Puritan Bennett continues to produce a nice line of critical care ventilation units. The 840™ Ventilator System, the 700™ Series Ventilator and the 7200® Series Ventilators are used in ICU's worldwide. The modular 840 Ventilator platform is suitable for neonatal through adult patients.

DRE carries professionally refurbished Puritan Bennett Ventilators in our Louisville, Kentucky warehouse. For more information you can contact DRE at the number below.

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