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Skytron Surgical Tables and Lights

Skytron Medical

Skytron provides State-of-the-Art medical equipment in a variety of healthcare settings and hospital departments, recognized across North America for the Highest Quality Products and Product Menu available, with equally exceptional Customer Service, since 1972.

Skytron Products include:

  • General Purpose and Specialty Surgical Tables
  • Full Line Surgical Table Accessories
  • Surgical Lighting (Focusable and Fixed Focus)
  • Voice and Touchscreen Activated Surgical Equipment
  • Advanced O.R. Video & Data Integration
  • Emergency, Procedure and Exam Lighting
  • Birthing Room and Cath Lab & ICU Lighting
  • Camera Systems (within Surgical Lights)
  • Space Management Skybooms
  • Smoke Evacuation Systems
  • Stainless Steel Storage Cabinets
  • O.R. Nurse Documentation Center
  • Warming Cabinets
  • Scrub Sinks
  • Washer-Disinfectors
  • Low Temperature Ozone Sterilizer

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