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Steris - AMSCO Surgical Tables and Lights

AMSCO Tables and Lights

In 1996 Steris Corporation aquired AMSCO to solidify it's line of operating room and surgical tables, surgical lights, examination lights, and and sterilization equipment. In order to continue the well known name, Steris continues to produce complete lines of equipment with the brand name AMSCO.

DRE caries a variety of used and refurbished AMSCO equipment for our most current inventory please contact an equipment expert at the phone number below.

Steris Operating Room Equipment

STERIS develops and creates products that are used around the world to prevent infection and contamination in critical environments where the highest levels of sterility are required to ensure successful outcomes. These include hospitals, outpatient clinics, pharmaceutical manufacturing operations, research labs, and other industrial environments. Discover the breadth of our products.

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