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An Evolution of the ENT Suite

Otocompact Professional EVO

Complete ENT System

This is a state-of-the-art clinic...
I can take the patient's history and perform the exam within 20 minutes.

– Dr. Brian Affleck,
Grande Ronde ENT Clinic
The Observer, Oregon

DRE is thrilled to be an official dealer of this innovative line precisely designed for ENT professionals. It is a leap forward in ergonomics, technology, and style.

– Justin Jeffries,
Marketing Director

The advantages of the EVO are impressive because it combines high-end ENT products into one unit. If you are adding rooms or replacing significant equipment, what you receive for the price with the EVO is significant.

– Dustin Spencer,
Euroclinic Product Line Manager
OTOCompact Professional EVO All-in-One ENT System
Original Italian Design
EVO sketch
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Evo Features

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Zeiss Microscope

Italian ergonomic design meets state-of-the-art technology for significantly improved ENT workflow

  • European design
  • Italian leather seating
  • Zeiss ENT Microscope
  • Advanced LED lighting
  • Fully integrated video suite
  • Wireless and touch technology

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Futura Evo ENT Chair

Suprema 400 ENT Chair

  • Equipped with four linear motors, allowing independent positioning (Trendelenburg) and leg rest.
  • Operated by a foot-control (wireless pedal optional).
  • Double pelted pull-up armrest that allow easy entrance to the patient by the side.

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