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DRE Introduces New Ophthalmic and ENT Surgical Microscopes

DRE Inc. announces the addition of two new surgical microscopes to its existing line of medical equipment.

DRE recently unveiled the DRE Em1000 ENT Microscope and the DRE Om2100 Ophthalmic Microscope. These are the first microscopes to be released as part of the expanding line of medical equipment carrying the DRE brand. Both microscopes are currently available from DRE.

The DRE Em1000 ENT Microscope is a manual, fiber-optic surgical microscope developed for ENT procedures. The Em1000 has an easy-to-position stand that allows the physician to raise and lower the microscope without changing the horizontal position of the head, allowing the focus of the microscope to be maintained. The Em1000 features a halogen light source, fiber-optic illumination with fiber-optic cable, and Zeiss-compatible upgradable components.

The DRE Om2100 Ophthalmic Microscope is ideal for cataract surgeries and post-op exams. It features a motorized automatic zoom that is perfect for ophthalmologists who require precise operation. The Om2100 comes standard with a new light source, fiber-optic cable, power supply, and Zeiss-compatible upgradeable components.

DRE is excited to expand its product line to include new products that appeal to specialized medical professionals. In addition to the Om2100 and the Em1000, DRE plans to introduce a neurological microscope in 2008.

The DRE brand includes an established line of hospital equipment and surgical equipment products. DRE’s product line includes the DRE Integra AV-S Anesthesia Machine, the DRE WavelinePlus Vital Signs Monitor, and the DRE Maxx Luxx II Surgical Operating Room Lights.