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Accu-Scope 3015 Microscope Series - Refurbished

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Accu-Scope 3015 Microscope Series - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

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The 3015 microscope series brings superior research level, Infinity corrected optics to laboratories, hospitals and educational institutions at an affordable price. The most advanced optical and mechanical components are incorporated to offer exceptional value, versatility and performance to meet the exacting requirements of life science professionals.

Available Models: 3015, 3015PL, 3015PH, 3015EPI, 3016, 3016PL, 3016PH, 3016EPI

Eyepieces: HWF10x eyepieces, 20mmfield of view.

Head: Precise Siedentopf binocular or trinocular viewing head, inclined 30° and rotatable 360° for maximum flexibility. Interpupillary distance settings (55-75mm) and diopter adjustment allow the user to maintain objective parfocality when switching to different objective magnifications. The trinocular viewing head is available with either a photo or CCTV tube.

Stand: Ergonomically designed with comfortable low position coaxial coarse and fine focusing controls and an adjustable tension control to maximize individual comfort and convenience. A built-in fixed focus stop allows for rapid image focusing while protecting specimens and objectives. Acid resistant lustrous almond finish.

Nosepiece: Quadruple, ball bearing, reverse angle nosepiece with positive click stops to ensure parcentration. Durable, wide rubber grip on turret makes switching objectives fast and easy.

Stage: Professional double-plate graduated mechanical stage (155 mm x 135 mm) with vernier scales to provide accurate specimen location. Travel area 75mm (X) x 50mm (Y), with a low position right-hand control.

Sub-stage: Pre-centered N.A. 1.25 three lens Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm is adjustable by an advanced rack and pinion control. A built-in centering device provides evenly illuminated image fields at all magnifications.

Illumination: Koehler-type variable 6 volt 20 watt enhanced halogen illuminator. Field diaphragm incorporates an aspheric lens system and filter holder for critical illumination. Pre-centered mount for the bulb filament refines light for all contrast techniques. Trap door makes bulb replacement fast and easy.

Anti-mold: Optical surfaces in the viewing head are protected with an anti-mold system to ensure proper performance in unusually hot and humid environments.

Optional Accessories: Phase contrast, polarization, darkfield, Eyepieces - WF15x (15mm F.O.V.) and WF20x (11mm F.O.V.), Objectives - Plan 2x with auxillary lens, Plan 20x and 50xR* oil, 5-hole nosepiece, 21mm micrometers and microscope carry case.

CAT# DESCRIPTION ILLUMINATION3015 Binocular 6v20w variable halogen3015PL Binocular with planobjectives 6v20w variable halogen 3015PH Binocular with plan phase objectives, turret phase condenser 6v20w variable halogen 3015EPI Binocular EPI Fluorescence with blue and green filter cube, 100W mercury bulb3016 Trinocular 6v20w variable halogen


Trinocular with plan objectives 6v20w variable halogen3016PH Trinocular with plan phase objectives, turret phase condenser 6v20w variable halogen3016EPI Trinocular EPI Fluorescence with blue and green filter cube, 100W mercury bulb