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Anesthesia Vaporizer Cleaning Calibration Maintenance Services

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DRE is offering special pricing on vaporizer cleaning and calibration maintenance services.

Anesthesia vaporizer manufacturers recommend calibrating your equipment on a regular basis. A common range is from one to three years depending on your model.

Why service your vaporizers?

  • To ensure the vaporizer is delivering the correct required concentration of anesthetic agent it needs to be professionally serviced.
  • Unserviced vaporizers have the potential to leak agent into the O.R. atmosphere causing a potential health hazard.

Why service your vaporizers with DRE?

  • DRE has been calibrating vaporizers for over 20 years and has the experience and trained personnel to provide safe handling and working procedures for optimizing the long term performance of your equipment.
  • DRE offers a quick turn-around time. From the time your vaporizer arrives at DRE it takes between 1-3 days.
  • DRE offers a great price for clean and calibration. 

Documentation of Equipment Validation/Service

DRE provides specific documentation with every service:

  • Date of last service
  • Date of the validation test
  • Initials of the person who performed the test
  • Test results
  • Vaporizers will have a certificate of the calibration date affixed after each service
  • Documentation of service will be affixed to each anesthesia machine or vaporizer that is in service

Recommended Service Time

  • The primary standard for re-calibration / certification is the manufacturer recommendation. If no such recommendation exists then the anesthetic agent delivery should be validated annually or any time the vaporizer has not been in service for more than one year. If the verified delivery is ± 10% out of calibration, the unit should be serviced by a professional service center.

Indications for Service

  • Discoloration (yellowish-brown) in the "Fill" sight glass of a vaporizer may be an indicator for the need for service by an authorized service center. Other indicators might include cracked or damaged hoses, sticking valves or knobs, patients not responding (as anticipated) to the level of anesthesia provided.