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Bovie Aaron 950-G Desiccator for OB/GYN - Refurbished

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Bovie Aaron 950-G Desiccator for OB/GYN - Refurbished

Web ID: 2125

Condition: Retired

Part Number: 70950G - New

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The Aaron 950-G is a total system solution for OB/GYN procedures

Package combines a 950 Desiccator Electrocautery with a Smoke Shark smoke evacuation system and complete mobile stand.

The Aaron 950-G is a compact, mobile system for the office or hospital. As an added benefit, it includes a loop electrode kit (with 5 popular loops) and a smoke evacuator hose reducer fitting for attaching a vaginal speculum to create the most cost-effective GYN system on the market today.

The Aaron 950-G package includes:

  • Aaron 950 electrocautery desiccator:
    • Five extra disposable electrodes
    • 50 ea. sharp and 50 ea. blunt disposable dermal tips
    • A901 reusable since 3-button pencil
    • A910-P ten handpiece drapes
    • A1202C reusable grounding cord
    • A1202 five solid grounding pads
  • SEGYN Smoke Shark system:
    • SE01 Smoke Shark with pneumatic footswitch (FSSEP)
    • SF18 18-hour filter
    • 786T 7/8" tube 6' long
    • SERF reducer fitting (attaches to vaginal speculum)
  • A812-C electrosurgical mobile stand:
    • A812 mobile stand
    • A812-E height extender
    • A808-T instrument tray
    • A812-BT bottom tray
  • ESLK electrosurgical loop kit:
    • ES09 10 mm × 10 mm loop
    • ES11 15 mm × 10 mm loop
    • ES12 20 mm × 8 mm loop
    • ES13 20 mm × 15 mm loop
    • ES16 10 mm × 8 mm square

Click here for more information on the Aaron Bovie 950 Electrosurgical Generator/Desiccator, which can also be purchased without the Aaron 950-G package.

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