Popular Brands

  • DRE ( Brands: Integra, Ventura )
  • GE - Datex Ohmeda ( Brands: Aisys, Avance, Aestiva, Aespire )
  • Drager ( Brands: Apollo, Fabius, Narkomed, Tiro )
  • Space Labs ( Brands: Arkon )
  • Maquet ( Brands: Flow-I C40 )
  • Penlon 
  • Mindray ( Brands:  A7, A5 )

Types of Anesthesia Machines and Special Considerations

  • Integrated Systems:  Designed for full blown operating rooms with heavy surgical schedules.  These units often offer 3 vaporizer chambers, integrated monitoring, ventilation, gas management, and have features to work with electronic data systems.
  • MRI-Compatible: In situations where the Anesthesia Machine will be in close proximity to MRI or imaging system it is best to search for systems marketed at MRI tested and compatible.
  • Portable Systems:  For field work or small office based procedures portable units are easy to use and can be moved from room to room or between locations.
  • Small Footprint:  In many cases the operating room space is at a premium and machines that are complex and bulky are not necessary or helpful.  Units that offer a good feature set but still provide a small footprint can be the best solution.
  • Proprietary Components:  Be aware that many machines require components, supplies, and accessories that are proprietary to that brand of machine.  Vaporizers are a common component of any machine and specific types of vaporizers work with specific types of machines.