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These tables are often also referred as surgery tables, surgical beds, or operating tables and are intended for a wide range of procedures.  The most common and broadly accepted usage of the term refers to traditional hospital operating rooms.  Another class of table includes procedure tables and chairs for office based specialties.  It also loosely includes tables that assist in the effectiveness of surgery such as ultrasound and C-arm imaging tables. 

Surgical Table Types:

  • Major surgery tables for the operating room ( Operating Room Tables ).
  • Mobile surgical tables and surgical stretchers.
  • Spine tables and systems.
  • ENT tables and chairs.
  • Ophthalmology / eye chairs and stretchers.
  • Podiatry chairs.
  • Oral surgery chairs.
  • OB/GYN chairs and tables.
  • Hair transplant chairs.
  • Dental chairs.


Key Features and Considerations

  • Stationary:  Fix or stationary tables are connected to the floor of the operating room.  They tend to offer more stability and better clearance underneath the system for imaging units and staff.  This is typically an option seen in full blown higher volume  operating room.
  • Wheeled / Mobile:  These units are wheeled units that can be moved within the operating room based on case needs or space considerations.  Recent tables to enter the market have branded themselves as "mobile" due to larger casters and the ability to be easy moved from room to room.
  • Trendellenburg:  Patients feet are raised 15 to 30 degrees higher than the head.  It is often used in abdominal or gynecological procedures as well as perfusion in respiratory patients.
  • Reverse Trendellenburg:  Patients head is raised to position 15 to 30 degrees higher than the feet.  This position is used in certain head, neck, and gynecological procedures to help with reducing blood flow to those areas.  It is also useful for ophthalmic surgery in larger patients.
  • Horizontal Tilt: 
  • Back and Leg Adjustment: Angle adjustment to patients back and feet.
  • Rotation:  Up to 360 degree adjustment of the table top around the base.
  • Kidney Bridge / Elevator:  Can be integrated or as an attachment and is typically elevated suring kidney surgery to improve access.
  • Height Adjustment:
  • Motorized vs. Manual:
  • Remote Controls:
  • Weight Capacity:
  • Radiotranslucent / MRI Compatible:
  • Tabletop Slide:
  • Leveling: 
  • Battery Powered:
  • Safety Break Locks:

Popular Surgical Table Brands:

Operating Room Tables

  • Steris / Amsco
  • Skytron
  • Berchtold
  • Maquet
  • Shampaine
  • Eschmann
  • Allen

Procedure Chairs and Tables

  • Midmark / Ritter
  • Brewer
  • MTI
  • Hill Laboratories
  • UMF
  • Dexta
  • Reliance
  • Westar

Ultrasound and Imaging Tables

  • Oakworks
  • UMF
  • Clinton