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Surgical stretchers offer special advantages that a standard table can not. With a small fleet of surgical stretchers facilities can speed up operations while reducing the risk for patient and caregiver contamination or injury. In many cases this increased throughput and reduced risk can greatly improve the overall bottom line.

Advantages: Patient and Employee Safety, Better Throughput

Surgical Stretchers - Potential advantages over a standard stretcher or full blown surgery table.

  • Mobility
    Unlike a table, they are mobile and can move from room to room and act as a pre and post op bed.
  • Configurations and Positioning
    Unlike a stretcher, they offer more configurations, accessories, and position choices to allow for access and proper implimentation of a variety of surgical proceedures.
  • Safety and Time Savings
    Surgical stretchers avoid the constant transfer of patient from stretcher to table to stretcher to bed.  By simplifying the process it potentially eliminates injuries and biological contamination for both the patient and the practicianer.
  • C-Arm Access
    Most standard stretchers do not offer C-Arm accessability, surgical stretchers by necessity often offer full or partial C-Arm access and compatibility to handle the required imaging related to surgical procedures.

Common Types of Surgical Stretchers

  • Facial Procedures
    • Eye Stretcher / Ophthalmology Stretcher
    • ENT Strecher
    • Oral Surgery Stretcher
  • Specialty Units
    • Gastrenterology / Endoscopy Stretcher
    • OB/GYN Stetcher
    • Shoulder and Arthroscopy