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Conmed Sabre 2400 - Refurbished

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Conmed Sabre 2400 - Refurbished

Web ID: 1949

Condition: Retired

Part Number: 72400

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Sabre 2400 provides the surgeon with high power performance and key user features to meet demanding electrosurgical needs. It is designed to meet the performance needs of even the most demanding surgeons in demanding surgical applications. Thermal damage free cutting is no problem with the Sabre 2400, with its patented controlled output voltage in the cut mode. As the electrosurgical electrode glides through different tissue types in the cut mode, the Sabre 2400 constantly adjusts the voltage to provide superior cutting performance. Surgeons can also use the Blend mode to achieve greater hemostasis while cutting. Auto spray feature provides superior spray coagulation at power settings above 50 watts. The enhanced bipolar mode provides both hand and foot-switching bipolar coagulation with minimal tissue sticking.



  • Dispersive Electrode Monitor: With a dual foil dispersive electrode, the Aspen Return Monitor will alarm above 150 ohms, and with a 20% increase in resistance above set point. With a single foil dispersive electrode, a two-wire continuity detector alarms at 10 ohms and above. Coagulation Mode: Superior spray coagulation at power settings above 50 watts.
  • Operating Frequency: Cut: 416.7kHz±0.01% Coag: 416.7kHz±0.01%
  • Pulse Repetition Frequency: Blend: 20.0 kHz±0.01% Coag. 25.0 kHz±0.01% Bipolar 20.0 kHz±0.01%
  • Input Voltage: 104-127 VRMS, 50-60 Hz, calibrated at 120V
  • Input Current: Pure cut at 300: 7.0A max
  • Line Frequency Leakage: Patient connections to neutral:
  • RF Leakage Current: Less than 100mA (200 ohms to ground)
  • Power Decrease: 1% is typical. Pure cut set to 150 watts for 20 seconds.
  • Weight: 32lbs (14.5kg)
  • Dimensions: 6.75 (H) × 14.25 (W) × 21.5 (D) (17.1× 36.2 × 54.6 cm)