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Datascope 98XT Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump - Refurbished

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Datascope 98XT Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump - Refurbished

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Condition: Refurbished

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The System 98XT with CardioSync 2™ Software featuring R-Trac™ provides:

  • Automatic Selection of R-wave Deflation
  • Reliable A-Fib Tracking
  • Rapid QRS Identification
  • Improved Arrhythmia Management

The new autotiming supervisor, "R-Trac", is a highly advanced 2nd generation IAB timing control system that combines the sophistication of CardioSync 2 with rapid QRS identification and the fastest IAB inflation and deflation speeds available. In the OR, Cath Lab, CCU, and in transport, the System 98XT is your system of choice for handling the most challenging cardiac rhythms.


Advanced Pneumatic Performance

  • Faster inflation speeds - 18% greater augmentation
  • Faster deflation speeds - Greater unloading

Improved Arrhythmia Management:

  • Better tracking of isolated PVCs, bigeminy, and couplets
  • Rapid adaptation to sudden changes in heart rate
  • Use "R" Wave Deflation mode on Afib patients with confidence
  • Advanced Pressure Trigger keeps you focused on your patient.

Largest, Brightest display of any Datascope Pump

  • Automatically scaled ECG and AP waveforms
  • Detailed help screens and new time-in-standby alert
  • Icons for helium and battery levels
  • The Display rotates and tilts for best viewing from any angle.
  • Displays Assisted and Unassisted Arterial Pressures

Operator Convenience Features

  • Automated, one-button start-up
  • Simple menu allows users to customize preferences
  • Automated printing of waveforms and patient data on alarm and at scheduled intervals
  • All keys on one keypad
  • Keypad and Display are detachable for mounting on bypass machine
  • On-keypad switching between direct and slave signals
  • Integral saline/transducer pole
  • Fully automatic condensate removal
  • Built-in service diagnostics
  • Special cables reduce noise from electrocautery and motion



  • EL Display: 8.3" W × 6.2" H (21.1 cm × 15.8 cm); 160° viewing angle; Rotates 330°; Tilts 180°; Detachable; Laptop-like closure for storage and protection; Remote monitor mount (optional)
  • Preferences Menu: User may select display sweep speed (25 or 50 mm/sec), brightness (low, med., high); balloon waveform (on/off); ECG inflation markers (on/off); AP waveform auto-scaling (on/off); flashing alarms (on/off)
  • ECG ECG Trigger: Threshold dynamically adjusted by system for improved sensitivity and selectivity of the R-wave detection; Minimum = 120 µV at normal gain; 40µV at max. gain
  • Pressure Trigger: In automatic mode: adjusted to 50% of the difference between peak systolic and end diastolic (avg. over multiple cycles); In variable mode: User adjustable between 7 and 30 mmHg ± 3 mmHg
  • Pacer A Trigger: R-wave detection (as above) except blanking is extended to 100 ms
  • Pacer V/A-V Trigger: V Pacer: fixed at rate up to 185 bpm (no demand pacing)
  • A-V Pacer: fixed at rate up to 125 bpm (no demand pacing) with A-V intervals between 80-224 ms
  • Internal Trigger: Variable mode: 40-120 bpm; Normal mode: 80± 1 bpm
  • Tall T-Wave Rejection: (ECG and Pacer A mode) Rejects all T-Waves where Q-T interval is
  • Pacer Rejection: (ECG and Pacer A mode) Rejects all pulses of amplitude± 2.0mV to ±700 mV and durations between 0.1 ms to 2.0 ms with: 1) No tail; 2) ms time constant tail
  • ECG Leads: I, II, III, AR, AVL, AVF, V (12 lead compatibility) On-keypad switch between direct leads and external monitor
  • ECG Gain (default): 1 V output per 1 mV input ±5% (waveform automatically scaled to occupy ECG display window
  • Gain (variable): 0.15 cm to 3.0 cm/mV ±20% (autoscaling disabled)
  • Frequency Response: 0.5-12 Hz (display); 0.5-135 Hz (Output to Monitor)
  • Defibrillator Protection: Discharge levels ≤360 J (trace returns to screen in 2 sec. max)
  • ESIS: Automatic suppression with internal ECG amplifier
  • AP Source Selection: On-keypad switch (transducer/external)