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FINN Foundation Collaborates With DRE, Filling International & National Medical Needs

Amanda Cannady

Director of Global Outreach and Development

FINN Foundation

July 2012
Equipment Sourced:
  • Portable Anesthesia Machine
  • Anesthesia Ventilator
  • Patient Monitor
  • Vaporizer
  • Medical Accessories

The Opportunity

The FINN Foundation was founded by Dr. Charlie Finn and his wife, Tamra. The two share a common objective of providing medical services and surgeries to those in need, specifically in areas where resources are nonexistent and not affordable to local patients. Dr. Charlie Finn remains involved in every stage of patient care including pre-op planning and the actual procedure itself. The end goal of the foundation’s work is to provide the best patient care possible while performing life changing surgeries.

Dr. Charlie Finn and his staff, which consists of doctors, nurses, and support staff from across the United States, have been on several week long medical mission trips. The locations of the trips have varied over the last 5 years and included locations in Guatemala, Dominican Republic, and China. Dr. Finn and his team perform surgeries such as the repair of microtia (ear), cleft lip and palate, traumatic nasal fractures, scar contractures, facial soft tissue injuries and various other procedures.

Due to the wide range of procedures offered by the Finn Foundation, access to quality operating theater equipment created a major challenge. Local resources were beyond limited if offered at all.

Our Solution

The FINN Foundation has an ongoing relationship with DRE for several years for their stateside practice in North Carolina. DRE was the first company the team thought of when searching for medical equipment for mission trips. Dr. Finn required a compact anesthesia machine with a ventilator along with reliable patient monitoring. DRE supplied the staff with a portable anesthesia machine, an anesthesia ventilator, a vaporizer, and other various medical accessories to ensure an overseas operating theater would provide the best treatment possible during the long days of surgeries.

The dedicated DRE account representative for the FINN Foundation, Amanda Cannady, worked closely with Dr. Charlie Finn in seeking out the best medical solution, specific to the needs of the mission trips. Dr. Finn and his team continue to perform specific surgeries and procedures to repair congenital deformities worldwide while using quality and affordable options from DRE.