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West Africa Women's and Children's Hospital and DRE, Providing Full Maternity Services and Medical Equipment to Western Africa

Amanda Cannady

Director of Global Outreach and Development

West Africa Women’s and Children’s Hospital

Western Africa
  • 1 Urgent Care Facility
  • Surgery and Delivery
  • 1 In-Patient Care Facility
  • 1 Consult Facility
  • Pharmacy and Lab
  • Pediatric Center/NICU
Equipment Sourced:
  • Anesthesia Machines
  • Patient Monitors
  • Infusion Pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Incubators
  • Infant Warmers
  • Medical Accessories and Supplies

The Opportunity

Initially, the hospital required proper ventilation for patients, vaporizers for existing anesthesia machines, and CO2 monitoring for their operating theater. The hospital required sustainable equipment within a budget that they did not think was possible.

The Women’s and Children’s Hospital provides full maternity services in a centralized location and to surrounding rural areas. The goal of the hospital was to construct and equip a modern, sustainable and effective hospital for women and children, while keeping costs low.

Our Solution

In 2014, Dr. K. contacted DRE and spoke with Amanda Cannady to discuss the hospital’s current needs for ventilator for use with neonatal patients. Dr. K. was looking for a company that could provide a wide range of products that were specifically for the needs of neonate, pediatric, and adult patients. Dr. K. wanted a package of equipment that would fit within a certain budget for fundraising efforts.

DRE quickly prepared a quotation that offered an affordable solution to the current need of medical equipment for the facility. A mixture of both new and professionally refurbished medical equipment was included in the order. The shipment also included accessories for a wide range of patient size. The equipment included spare parts and warranties to ensure sustainability, optimum patient care, and long-term use. Thanks to great improvements to operating room and a complete NICU, the hospital can safely operate and treat small children, including those as small as 700 and 800-gram premature babies.