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DRE Citadel EVS Vessel Sealing System

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DRE Citadel EVS Vessel Sealing System

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Part Number: 70S35

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The DRE Citadel EVS provides vessel sealing and bipolar electrosurgery capabilities in one compact package.

The DRE Citadel EVS integrates a vessel sealing system and bipolar electrosurgery, allowing clinicians to complete a wide variety of procedures with just one unit.

With the unit’s microprocessor-controlled operation, clinicians can achieve a high degree of clinical precision in all modes: Macro Bipolar, Micro Bipolar and Sealer Mode. The DRE Citadel EVS also comes outfitted with 6Sense Technology, an advanced feedback system to maintain consistent voltage, current, power, tissue density and leakage RF currents.

The DRE Citadel EVS is available with various footswitches, ESU pens and pencils and grounding pads. Contact a DRE Representative for more information.


  • Vessel Sealing Mode with high impedance sealing operation.
  • 2 Bipolar Modes: Micro & Macro Modes with high impedance bipolar output.
  • Built-in automatic response technology for consistent cutting and coagulation through all tissue types.
  • Fully microprocessor-controlled for enhanced clinical precision.
  • 6Sense Technology provides advanced feedback for changes in voltage, current, power, tissue density and leakage RF currents.
  • Customizable program settings for various surgical procedures.
  • Audio feedback alarms indicate completion of bipolar coagulation to reduce tissue charring or sticking.
  • Available with footswitch, grounding pads and ESU pens and pencils. Ask your DRE representative for details!

Optional Accessories

  • Coated Sealing Clamp with cord
  • Sealer Handle
  • Sealer Inserts — 32 cm and 18 cm
  • Instrument Blade Set — 10 mm (10 pcs)



  • Micro: 95 W at 100 Ω, CF 1.5
  • Micro: 95 W at 100 Ω, CF 1.5

Vessel Sealer

  • Sealer: 150 W at 100 Ω, CF 1.5

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length: 38 cm
  • Width: 30.5 cm
  • Height: 11.5 cm
  • Weight: < 5.0 kg

Transport & Storage

  • Temperature Range: -40°C to 70°C
  • Relative Humidity: 10% to 100%, condensing

Operating Parameters

  • Temperature Range: 10°C to 40°C
  • Relative Humidity: 30% to 75%, non-condensing

Audio Volume

  • Activation Tone: Volume (adjustable): 50 to ≥ 65 dB | Frequency: Bipolar: 940 Hz
  • Alarm Tone: Volume (not adjustable): ≥ 65 dB | Frequency: 660 Hz | Pulse: Two Pulse 1 sec ON time, 1 sec OFF time


  • Mains nominal voltage: 110 Volt
  • Maximum VA at nominal line voltage: Idle: 60 VA | Bipolar: 360 VA | Cut: 816 VA | Coag: 480 VA
  • Input mains voltage, full regulation range: 90-135 Vac
  • Input mains voltage, operating range: 80-140 Vac
  • Mains current (maximum): Idle: 0.4 A | Bipolar: 2.6 A | Cut: 6.4 A | Coag: 3.6 A
  • Mains line frequency range (nominal): 50 to 60 Hz
  • Fusing: 10 A
  • Power Cord: 3-prong standard connector


  • Warm-up Time: Allow one hour for the generator to reach room temperature before use, if transported or stored at temperature outside the operating temperature range.
  • Internal Memory: Non-volatile
  • High Frequency (RF) Leakage Current: Bipolar RF leakage current: < 60 mA RMS