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DRE EG 400a Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

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DRE EG 400a Electrosurgical Unit (ESU)

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Condition: Factory New

Part Number: 70400PD

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(800) 462-8195


Multi-function electrosurgical unit with genuine linear curve of output support, operation stability and memory functions

  • Seven current types are selected by pushing the mode-select switch
  • Outputs are precisely adjusted by up/down control
  • Cutting and coagulation controlled by foot or hand switch
  • Spray coagulation provides TransUrethral Resection (T.U.R) and Endoscopic procedures in urology
  • Three audible tones signal cutting and coagulation procedure
  • Interlocked multi monopolar outlets can be used for two hand control outlets and for one laparoscope outlet
  • Interlock safety circuit guarantees patient and operator safety, and prevents multiple outputs at the same time

Patient Return Electrode Monitoring System

Protects burning patients in the event of inadequate contact with the dual return plates. It is designed to deactivate the generator before an injury can occurr. It also detects any dangerously high level of impedance at the patient/pad interface.


Monitor-Set Enable Range

  • Single Pad: Maximum 10 ohm
  • Double Pad: Minimum 10 ohm, Maximum 130 ohm

Alarm Range

  • Single Pad: Above 10 ohm
  • Double Pad: Below 10 ohm, Above 150 ohm

Low Leakage of Current

  • Low Frequency Leakage of Current: Less than 0.5mA
  • High Frequency Leakage of Current: Less than 150mA