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DRE Em1000 ENT Microscope (Manual Fiber-Optic)

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Featuring flexible, manual magnification, the DRE Em1000 is perfect for office settings. Its durable, easy-to-position stand lets you raise and lower the microscope without changing the horizontal position of the head, maintaining the focus of the microscope.


  • Three step manual magnification changer
  • 48mm interchangeable objective lens
  • New fiber-optic illumination, including fiber-optic cable
  • Zeiss-compatible upgradeable components
  • New 150-watt halogen light source

Optional Accessories

  • Different focal length objectives can be ordered
  • Fine focus objective lenses
  • Video camera
  • Mark II Light Source
  • Mark II Light Tray
  • Straight Binocular with Eyepieces
  • Choose between two types of bases: European-style tri-base or Portable four-wheel base