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DRE Maxx Luxx Select Surgery Lighting System - Refurbished

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DRE Maxx Luxx Select Surgery Lighting System - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

This product is either very difficult to find or no longer available through DRE, please see the list of related items to the right or ask your equipment expert for advice on a similar available product.

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Maximum illumination for today's surgical suite

Features excellent shadow reduction, easy-to-operate controls and full freedom of movement

The Maxx Luxx Select features compact, easy-to-position lightheads that provide superior shadow reduction. The system allows you to control all light functions from within the sterile field, and incorporates a state-of-the-art cooling system to deliver color correct, ultra-cool light. It is available with one, two and three lightheads, as well as integrated monitors.

  • Deep Cavity Illumination: Depth of field negates the need to refocus midway through a procedure.
  • Shadow Control: The multi-faceted reflector generates 1,890 individual rays of light, which will tolerate a large percentage of the projected light being blocked before a shadow is evident.
  • Long Lasting Bulbs: Provide as much as 1,000 hours of uninterrupted light.
  • Cool Light: The use of a custom-designed IR filter provides maximum comfort during long procedures by reducing radiated heat to a minimum.
  • Sterile Positioning Handle: The handle can be removed for sterilizing or used in conjunction with a sterile cover.
  • Full Articulation: The sturdy free-moving support arms provide a full range of movement while remaining totally stable once positioned.
  • Clean Lines: Aesthetics reduce visual clutter and improve cleanability.
  • Color-Corrected Light: Lamp optimized at 4,300° K, which can ensure color clarity of the surgical light.
  • Convenient Controls: Controls for intensity provided on either of the sterile handle or from the wall-mounted panel (or both).