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DRE Neolite LED Infant Radiant Warmer and Phototherapy System

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DRE Neolite LED Infant Radiant Warmer and Phototherapy System

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The Neolite Infant Warmer features three control modes, and it is designed to help deliver phototherapy

The Neolite LEDprovidesLED-based phototherapy with timer:

  • Three control modes: Pre-warm mode, manual mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer.
  • Set temperature and skin temperature can be displayed separately.
  • Easily adjust the horizontal angle of the warmer module and the inclination of the infant bed.
  • Panels surrounding the bassinet can be turned outward, improving access to the infant.
  • X-ray casette located under the bassinet

Standard Configuration

  • Warmer Module, Bassinet,
  • Main Column, Stand, Controller,
  • IV Pole, Tray, and Phototherapy
  • Unit (with LED bulbs)

Optional Configuration

  • Breath Resuscitation bag and
  • Infant Head-Stabilization Unit



  • Power requirements: AC110V - 240V/50-60 Hz; 750W (fixed stand configuration) 800W (VHA stand configuration)
  • Mode of control: Pre-warm mode control, manual mode control and baby mode controlled by micro-computer
  • Baby mode temperature control range: 34.5 ° C - 37.5° C
  • Temperature sensor display range: 5° C - 65° C
  • Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ≤0.3° C
  • Deviation between the measurement by the skin temperature sensor and the control temperature: ≤0.5° C
  • Temperature uniformity of mattress: ≤2° C
  • Angle of warmer module: 0°, 30°, 60° (two directions)
  • Inclination of the bassinet: ±10°
  • APGAR timer: Sounds when the unit tones at 1', 5', 10'
  • Failure alarm: Over temperature alarm, deviation alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, setting alarm, status alarm, and more.
  • Maximum bilirubin radiation on the mattress, effective range: ≥1000uW/cm2
  • Bilirubin uniformity of radiating on the mattress, effective range: >0.4
  • Wave length of blue light: 420 mm - 470 mm