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DRE Om2100 Ophthalmic Microscope (Automatic Fiber Optic)

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The automatic DRE Om2100 Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope is perfect for cataract surgeries and post-op exams. This scope is ideal for precision procedures and is often used by Ophthalmologists and surgeons within demanding environments.

  • Compact and easy-to-position
  • Features motorized zoom and focus
  • Comes standard with a new light source, fiber optic cable, power supply and portable four-wheel base


  • Motorized focus and zoom including sealed foot pedal
  • 65mm interchangeable objective lens
  • New fiber optic illumination, including fiber-optic cable
  • Zeiss-compatible upgradeable components
  • Inclined Binoculars
  • Mark II Light Source
  • Mark II Light Tray
  • Observation Kit
  • Beam Splitter

Optional Accessories

  • Different focal length objective lens can be ordered
  • Inclined Binoculars w/ eyepieces
  • Video accessories
  • Observation accessories and XY
  • 80/20 Beam Splitter
  • Mark II Light Source
  • Mark II Light Tray
  • Autoclaveable caps