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DRE SLS-5000 Surgical Lights - Refurbished

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DRE SLS-5000 Surgical Lights - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

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The DRE SLS-5000 is a high quality surgery light, featuring a superb delivery system for smooth arm movement, maximum coverage, and stability. The SLS-5000 lights are suitable to mount from a ceiling from 8' to 10'. These lights are color corrected for proper color rendering and the lens provides diffused light, reducing glare. Lightheads can be positioned precisely and the heat-filtered elements provide cool light.The power behind the single bulb design is a long-life Quartz Halogen bulb. Replacement is simple and can be performed by the user. The on/off switch is conveniently located on the lighthead yoke.The optional removable, handle(s) can be steam sterilized.Light systems are available in a dual or single ceiling center mount, wall mount or rolling models.


  • Color Corrected
  • Glare Reducing Diffused Lens
  • Heat Filter Cool Light Elements
  • Modular Mountings
  • Extension Arm Standard
  • Efficient and Affordable
  • Long Life Quartz Halogen Bulb
  • Precise Position Lighthead
  • Power Switch on Lighthead Yoke



  • 5,000 footcandles per lighthead at 36" (54,00 lux)
  • 4,000 footcandles at 220VAC (43,000 lux)
  • Focus Distance: 913mm
  • Diameter of Light Pattern: 152mm
  • Heat Filter Cool Light Elements
  • Modular Mountings
  • Reflector diameter is 17"Suitable for low-clearance ceilings: 18" downtube suitable for 8' to 9'5" ceiling height
  • Color corrected for proper color rendering: 4000°K
  • Lens reduces glare with diffused light
  • Long-life Halogen bulbs
  • Optional handles remove for steam sterilization at 250°F for a minimum of 30 minutes