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DRE Torino Orthopedic Surgery Table

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The DRE Torino Orthopedic Surgery Table is the perfect choice for traction procedures. The Torino Tractor section works seamlessly with the Torino EXL surgery table for operating room procedures. The Torino table features long horizontal sliding, C-arm, and X-ray access.


  • Height: 32 inches (800 mm)
  • Lifting range: 14 inches (350 mm)
  • Traction range: 7 inches (190 mm)
  • Traction angle, rotation(up & down) 120°
  • Horizontal rotation 360°
  • Horizontal rotation of body frame: 180°
  • Extendable adjustment (back & forth): 16 inches (400 mm)
  • Lifting adjustment range of side frame: 8 inches (200 mm)