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DRE Ventura CS2 Anesthesia System - Refurbished

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DRE Ventura CS2 Anesthesia System - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

Part Number: 00200SP2

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Modern anesthesia delivery at an affordable price.

The DRE Ventura CS2 is an anesthesia machine featuring a touchscreen ventilator with advanced ventilation parameters. Featuring a pull-out writing shelf, an integrated oxygen monitor, an autoclavable absorber and locking drawers for added security.


  • Integrated touch-screen display.
  • Bright illuminated display.
  • Adult, pediatric and neonatal modes.
  • State of the art ergonomic design.
  • Constructed of high quality American and European materials.
  • CO2 absorber is autoclavable (excluding the manometer).
  • In the off mode, you can remove and refill the absorber canister without losing fresh gas.
  • Two/three gas machine with a two-station Selectatec® backbar with up to four cylinder yokes.
  • The oxygen flush is mounted next to the common gas outlet and is recessed for safety.
  • Both sides of the machine incorporate the GCX™-style tee-slot for mounting ventilators, monitors and other ancillary equipment.
  • Advanced ventilation parameters: Pressure control ventilation (PCV), Pressure support ventilation (PSV), Volume control ventilation, SIMV, SMMV, Auto-peep



  • Overall dimensions: 130 cm (H) × 72.7 cm (W) × 66.7 cm (D)
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Top shelf dimensions: 60.5 cm (W) × 35 cm (D
  • Maximum top shelf loading: 35 kg
  • Work surface dimensions: 60.5 cm (W) × 35.0 cm (D)
  • Work surface height: 81.5 cm
  • Drawer unit dimensions (internal): 3 drawers: 48.2 cm (W) × 31.8 cm (D)
  • Maximum drawer loading: 35 kg
  • Writing Tablet dimensions: 35.3 cm (W) × 30.0 cm (D)
  • Casters: 125 mm (front wheels braked)
  • Vertical dovetail mounting system: Three on each side of machine

Vertical Tee Slot Mounting System (GCX™)

  • Tee Slot mounting system is mounted on both sides of the machine.
  • Height adjustment: 22.5 cm to 127.5 cm
  • Maximum loading: 30 kg


  • Common gas outlet: ISO 22 mm male taper and 15 mm female with 90° swivel.
  • Pipeline input: DISS.
  • Cylinder yokes: Up to four.
  • Oxygen failure device: Nitrous cuts out with low oxygen pressure (air/ oxygen remain).
  • Oxygen failure alarm: Whistle sounds prior to nitrous cut out.
  • Oxygen and air high pressure DISS outlets: Two maximum available.


  • On/off switch mounted below flowmeter bank: Shrouded.
  • Nitrous oxide/air switch: Optional.
  • Secondary regulators for flowmeter bank.
  • Mechanical anti hypoxic device: Gear driven with minimum 25 % oxygen concentration.
  • Oxygen flow range (dual tube): 0 - 1000 ml and 1 - 10 liters.
  • Nitrous oxide flow range (dual tube): 0 - 1000 ml and 1 - 10 liters.
  • Air flow range (single tube): 0.1 - 10 liters.

Absorber Dimensions

  • Height: 34.5 mm
  • Width: 30.3 mm
  • Depth: 27 mm
  • Weight: 9.1 kg
  • Mounting system: 25.4 mm (1") diameter hole with clamp screw
  • Absorber leak rate: Less than 25 cc fresh gas flow at 30cm H2O
  • Canister capacity: 1.4 kg (1600 ml)
  • Compatible with most anesthetic machine pole mounting systems.


  • Quick release manometer: -20 to 100 cm H2O
  • Ventilator connection: 22 mm male taper with 15mm female taper
  • Swivel Bag Mount Arm: 22 mm male taper with 15 mm female taper
  • Patient connections: 22 mm male taper with 15 mm female taper
  • Fresh gas inlet: 1 meter hose with 22 mm female taper
  • Exhaust taper: 30 mm male