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DRE Vista Pro LED Surgery Light - Refurbished

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DRE Vista Pro LED Surgery Light - Refurbished

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Condition: Retired

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The DRE Vista Pro LED Exam Light utilizes the newest LED technology to provide clear, natural lighting, true color rendering, that is energy efficiency while maintaining ergonomic integrity.

Energy Efficient but Powerful LED Light

Seven powerful LEDs work in tandem to provide 50,000 lux (at 20in), illuminating the exam area with clear, natural color rendering (CRI = 95) for a variety of examinations or procedures. By using a combination of LEDs, the color temperature can be modified according to specific requirements: 3500K, 4100K or 4700K. This allows for distinguishing the most subtle of color tones and characteristics in skin tissue, in full detail. In addition, five dimming levels aid in the comfort of both patient and practitioner.

Color shades to meet specific requirements

The Kelvin temperature of the Vista Pro LED can be easily modified to meet the requirements of a specific examination. The optimum light required for each exam is ensured by giving the user the ability to adjust color temperature as well as light intensity. With the controls clearly set directly on the head of the light, five dimming levels and three color shades are at your fingertips.

Three color shades:

  • 3500 K (warm white): Ideal for different types of skin examination
  • 4100 K (neutral white): Ideal for general examinations
  • 4700 K (cold light): Ideal for the recognition of different vessels for post operative treatment and small interventions

Safe and sure positioning of the light

The articulating arm of the Vista Pro LED holds its position and remains easy to set and manipulate for years. A butterfly screw allows for fine adjustment of the arm and wear resistant joints ensure that it will stay in its desired position. Arm lengths of up to 47 inches allow for flexibility. The arm also has a clean (and easy to clean) profile. The wiring is completely integrated into the fixture; no hanging wires to catch on or pull.


  • 5 light dimming levels
  • Three color temperatures (3500K, 4100K, 4700K)
  • Easy access of dimming and light controls on the lamp head
  • 50,000 hours maintenance-free at 100% efficiency
  • Color rendering index Ra= 95 and R9 (red) > 95
  • Heat dissipating to the back of fixture, away from patient and physician
  • Newly patented articulating arm system for easy movement during exams
  • Arm lengths of up to 47 inches for flexibility
  • Cable routing completely integrated into the fixture; no exposed wires
  • Wear-resistant joint surfaces, for arm system to hold positioning for years
  • 50,000 lux at 20 inches
  • Wide (ø 6.7 inches) field of vision



  • Lamping: 1 × led
  • Luminous power: 50 000 lux / 20in (.5m)
  • Luminated field: 20in (.5m) ¸ 6.7in (17cm)
  • Color temperatures: approx. 3500k / 4100k / 4700k
  • Operating device: electronic converter
  • Power supply: 100-240v; 50/60 Hz
  • Cord length: approx. 6.5ft (2m)
  • Power consumption: approx. 25w
  • Weight: approx. 16.5lbs (ceiling mount), approx. 3.3lbs (wall mount / rail mount)
  • Balance of articulated joints: friction
  • Class of protection: I
  • IEC standards met: en 60601-1, en 60601-2-41
  • Mounting options: ceiling, table, floor stand, wall, or rail
  • Usage: touch panel (rocker switch (I/0), for wall and rail mount)