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ERBE ICC 300 - Refurbished

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The ERBE ICC 300 is a high-frequency surgical unit for cutting and coagulation.

It's the price-conscious solution for medium and major surgical procedures. After all, smooth routine in the operating room depends on maximum safety, a high degree of comfort in use, and perfect functionality - exactly the features of the ICC 300. And it also meets the special demands of Minimally Invasive Surgery.


  • CUT CONTROL for automatically perfect cuts.Reproducible cut quality with minimum necrosis.
  • HlGH CUT with specialized arc regulation for underwater cuts or in fatty structures.
  • SOFT coagulation for precisely controlled coagulation.
  • No carbonization (SOFT COAG).
  • Far less adhesion and electrode soiling
  • Bipolar coagulation for even greater safety.
  • PPS for intelligent support of initial incisions and cutting.
  • AUTO START for greater facility of bipolar coagulation.
  • SPRAY coagulation for better surface effects.
  • ARGONPLASIVIA coagulation via integrated plug-in connection