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Euroclinic Otocompact Professional EVO ENT Workstation

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Italian ergonomic design meets state-of-the-art technology for significantly improved ENT workflow

The Euroclinic Otocompact EVO is an all-in-one ENT procedure system. Its modular construction and mobility replace built-in cabinetry and inefficiently designed work spaces. The EVO combines all of the commonly used elements of an outpatient setting with state-of-the art technology for a new level of performance. The EVO integrates digital, wireless, and touch screen controls, auto sensing drawers, UV disinfection storage, and LED light sources into one attractive and easy-to-use unit.

The EVO's Italian design provides a superior experience for both the patient and the doctor. With a top of the line ENT chair and precision-made mobile cabinet housing constructed from the highest quality materials, the EVO is ergonomic, attractive, and provides a sophisticated look that fits well in large or small spaces.

The EVO is the perfect option for new clinics or doctors replacing specific items. It is unique to the market, high performing, and surprisingly cost effective. It is a truly complete office solution that is engineered to significantly improve ENT workflow.

Be sure to ask DRE why this is the best total solution in ENT procedure rooms today.

Key Components

Integrated Italian Leather Seating

  • Suprema 400 ENT chair with 4 motors, 3 electronic memory settings, wireless foot control, and non-deformable foam padding. This unique chair is integrated wirelessly into the workstation touch screen control panel.
  • SPD/A doctor's stool built from stainless steel with height adjustment and swiveling back rest

Mobile European Styled Workstation

  • Instrument management system with wireless touch screen with dual control of chair and instruments
  • Auto sensing drawers powered by servo-drive and Blumotion technology
  • UV lamp germicide compartment kills common bacteria and viruses
  • Metal trays for instrument storage
  • Innovative suction system designed to be powerful, extremely quite, and vibration free to not disturb the working environment.
  • Insufflation system with nasal olive and autoclavable cannula
  • Auricular washing syringe with anti-sprinkle shield and microprocessor-controlled heating element
  • Larynx mirror heater programmable for 10-120 seconds
  • Air compression system for medications with 2 atomizers for liquids and powders
  • Endoscope Holders for flexible and rigid endoscopes

German Engineered ENT Microscope

  • Zeiss Opmi-PICO otomicroscope with precision mount and endoport for camera connection

Advanced Lighting System

  • Battery powered LED headlight
  • Neutral double LED light source with 6-feet fiber optic cables
  • Bright LED light source (180 Lumen at 5500° K)

Integrated Video Endoscopy Suite

  • Wireless Camera EVS ED420 with ergonomic design and wireless foot pedal for hands-free photos and video
  • 23" HP TouchSmart PC monitor on articulating arm with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Video capture and data management software
  • Reader/Writer smart card kit for easy record keeping
  • Endoscopy heating system can warm 2 endoscopes simultaneously in 30 seconds
  • Adult flexible nasophayngoscope (3.4 mm diameter) one rigid endoscope
  • Antimicrobial filter is 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria