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Euroclinic Otocompact Steel ENT Workstation

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Stylish, customizable, all-in-one ENT procedure system

The Euroclinic Otocompact Steel joins great functionality with a sophisticated look to significantly improve ENT workflow. Its modular construction and mobility replace built-in cabinetry and inefficiently designed work spaces. The Steel combines commonly used elements of an outpatient setting with cutting-edge technology for excellent performance.

The Steel integrates wireless controls, instrument tablet, UV disinfection storage, LED light sources, and wireless endoscopy video system into one ergonomic, attractive, and easy-to-use unit. With a top of the line ENT chair and precision-made mobile cabinet housing constructed from the highest quality materials, the Steel is truly a complete office solution that is excellently engineered. Whether you are starting a new clinic or replacing several items, the Steel is the ideal option for customization.

Key Components

Integrated Italian Leather Seating

  • Futura Evo ENT chair with four powerful motors, three electronic memory settings, wireless foot control, and non-deformable foam padding
  • SPD/A doctor's stool built from stainless steel with height adjustment and swiveling back rest

Mobile European Styled Workstation

  • Instrument management system with electronic console for dual control of chair and instruments
  • UV lamp germicide compartment kills common bacteria and viruses
  • Metal trays for instrument storage
  • Powerful suction system with dry pump
  • Insufflation system with nasal olive and autoclavable cannula
  • Auricular washing syringe with anti-sprinkle shield and microprocessor-controlled heating element
  • Larynx mirror heater programmable for 10-120 seconds
  • Air compression system for medications with 2 atomizers for liquids and powders
  • Antimicrobial filter is 99.99% effective against viruses and bacteria
  • Endoscope Holders for your flexible and rigid endoscopes

Advanced Lighting System

  • Bright LED light source (180 Lumen at 5500° K) with direct connection to rigid endoscopes
  • Neutral LED light source (180 Lumen at 5000° K) with Storz connector

Integrated Video Endoscopy Suite

  • Wireless Camera EVS ED420 with ergonomic design and wireless foot pedal for hands-free photos and video
  • 23" HP TouchSmart PC monitor on articulating arm with wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Video capture and data management software
  • Reader/Writer smart card kit for easy record keeping