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Gaymar T Pump TP-200 Heat Therapy System - Refurbished

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The Gaymar TP-200 use heat therapy by supplying temperature-controlled water through a connector hose to a Gaymar T/Pad. The pads design allows warm water to flow through the pad and out the other side, dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the heated areas. More than one pad can also be interconnected to provide therapy to more than one body site at a time. The temperature desired is set on the unit's front panel controls, and the circulating water maintains the pad at the set point temperature.

The T/Pump has two limit thermostats which will shut off the pump automatically is the high temperature limit is exceeded; a warning light on the front panel, the "over temp" light, will illuminate if this occurs. The unit also incorporates a tip-over switch which shuts off the unit if it is overturned.

Reservoir capacities are 1500 ml; the TP-200 has temperature settings of 85-105°F (30-41°C).

Standard accessories: 10' dual hose (attached), plastic temperature-setting key