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Gaymar T Pump TP-400 Heat Therapy System - Refurbished

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Gaymar T / Pump TP-400 Heat Therapy System Heat therapy is effective in the dilation of blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood flow to the heated area. Heat therapy has a variety of uses, the most common being treatment of aches and pains in joints and muscles.

The Gaymar T / Pump TP-400 Heat Therapy System provides a means of applying heat therapy by supplying temperature controlled water through a connector hose to a Gaymar T/Pad. The hose is terminated in easy-to-use Clik-Tite connectors.

The T/Pad provides the interface for delivering the heat therapy. The unique button design allows water to flow and provides trouble-free operation when the pad is folded. This reduces the number of pads your facility must keep in inventory. The pads are applied to the part of the body requiring heat therapy, and the circulating water maintains the pad at the set point temperature. The temperature setpoint is key-operated to prevent tampering.

The T/Pads can be interconnected to provide therapy to more than one body site a time.