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How to Buy Safe Refurbished Medical Equipment for Ghana

Kary Van Arsdale, Ed.D.

Certified International Commerce Specialist and Director of International Operations, DRE Medical

As you begin your search for a safe provider of refurbished medical equipment, you need to keep one key point in mind: Not all refurbishing companies are created equal. There are some companies that sell high quality refurbished medical equipment at a fair price. Unfortunately, there are also many companies that sell devices that are dirty or broken to unsuspecting clients overseas. The best way to sourcing safe medical equipment for Ghana is to carefully evaluate a company before you send money for equipment.

How is Refurbished Equipment Different from Used Equipment?

Doctors and surgeons are often unaware that there is a major difference between used medical equipment and professionally refurbished equipment in Ghana. Some companies are untruthful when they say that they provide refurbished equipment. In reality, the devices they sell are used, untested, dirty, and unsafe. Below is a guide to help you tell the difference between professionally refurbished equipment and used equipment.

Professionally Refurbished Equipment Used Equipment – Be Careful!
  • Biomedically tested and certified
  • Cleaned and professionally painted
  • New accessories are included
  • Includes a warranty (often up to one year)
  • Securely packaged for protection
  • Arrives patient ready with instructions
  • Price is much lower
  • May not work; often untested
  • Often unclean and unsafe
  • May arrive without accessories
  • Often sold without a warranty
  • Might not be safely packaged
  • Usually not patient ready
  • Price seems too good to be true

Tip: Be aware that the lowest prices may mean the lowest quality!

The Solution to Finding Refurbished Medical Equipment in Ghana

The key to sourcing affordable medical equipment for Ghana is to find a trusted refurbishing company with many years of experience testing pre-owned equipment. Experienced refurbishing companies are often located in the United States, so it is important to ensure that a company has experience shipping equipment to Ghana. As you review refurbishing companies, you should request items on the checklist below:

Items To Request When Evaluating Refurbishing Companies
  • Photos of the company's facility and warehouse
  • A copy of the company's FDA registration
  • Photos of the pieces of equipment you want to buy
  • Three references from customers in Ghana
  • The company's total number of years in business

Asking about the items on this checklist will help you separate the best refurbishing companies from those that are unsafe. Most important, you can make sure that you buy the highest quality medical equipment from a trustworthy company.

How Can You Tell if a Refurbishing Company Is Trustworthy?

By evaluating a refurbishing company with care, you can make sure that you are buying safe medical equipment for your clinic or hospital in Ghana. Whether you are caring for patients in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, or a rural region of Ghana, you can save money and improve patient care with professionally refurbished operating theatre equipment. We invite you to contact us to learn how our new and refurbished medical equipment will help you improve quality of care for your patients. We look forward to providing you with safe, affordable medical equipment!