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DRE Velocity Pro Wireless ECG

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DRE Velocity Pro Wireless ECG

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The DRE Velocity Pro is a comprehensive, wireless ECG solution with an incorporated PC-based platform

The DRE Velocity Pro Wireless ECG is a complete ECG system that integrates hardware, PC ECG software and standard accessories. Features resting ECG capabilities, built-in lead reversal, automatic arrhythmia detection, unlimited user-defined protocols and an ECG glossary.

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  • Complete wireless ECG system available in nine, 12, 15 or 18 lead setup.
  • Integrates hardware, PC ECG software and standard accessories.
  • Resting ECG function supports up to half an hour of ECG acquisition with full waveforms.
  • Available with VCG, TVCG, SAECG, QTD, HRV and HRT analysis.
  • Ensure proper electrode placement with built-in lead reversal function.
  • Signal quality indicators for a reliable connection every time.
  • Automatically detect, highlight and save arrhythmias.
  • Features a color-coded lead map that coordinates with ECG waveforms.
  • Add event markers for later analysis.
  • Unlimited user-defined protocols with automatic 12-lead reports.
  • Supports ST assessment, METs, Double Product, Duke Score and FAI%.
  • Unique data management capabilities:
    • Complete ECG data management and reporting.
    • Share reports and data easily via email.
    • Multi-user configurations and permissions.
    • Supported formats: XML, SCP, DICOM, PDF, JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG.
  • Built-in ECG glossary includes diagnostic templates and descriptions.
  • Correct lead reversals on PC even after ECG acquisition.
  • Compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10 platforms.
  • Optional — stress test configuration.



  • DE18/DE15 ECG Sampling Box: 5.47 in × 3.78 in × 0.98 in, ± 0.2 in
  • DP12 ECG Sampling Box: 5.83 in (L) × 3.94 in (W) × 1.57 in (H) , ± 0.08 in
  • DX12 Transmitter: 2.48 in (L) × 4.21 in (W) × 0.91 in (H), ± 0.08 in
  • DX12 Receiver: 6.10 in (L) × 3.94 in (W) × 1.18 in (H),  ± 0.08 in


  • DE15/DE18 ECG Sampling Box: Approx. 215g
  • DP12 ECG Sampling Box: Approx. 210g
  • DX12 Transmitter: Approx. 113g (not including battery)
  • DX12 Receiver: Approx. 173g


  • PC Operating Voltage: 110V-240V~
  • PC Operating Frequency: 50 Hz/60Hz
  • DE18/DE15 ECG Sampling Box: DC 5V
  • DE18/DE15 ECG Sampling Box Input Power: 1 VA (MAX), 0.5 VA (MIN)
  • DP12 ECG Sampling Box: 5V, 1VA (MAX), 0.5VA (MIN)
  • DX12 Transmitter: Input Power: 2x1.5V Excell Alkaline AA IEC LR6;
  • DX12 Transmitter Operation Life of Battery: ≥12 hours
  • DX12 Receiver: DC 5V
  • DX12 Receiver Input Power: 350mW


  • Transport Temperature: DP12/DE15/DE18 ECG sampling box: -40ºC (-8ºF) ~ +55ºC (+131ºF) | DX12 ECG sampling box: -20ºC (-4ºF) ~ +55ºC (+131ºF)
  • Working Temperature: +5ºC (+41ºF) ~ +40ºC (+104ºF)
  • Transport Relative Humidity: 25% RH ~ 93% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Working Relative Humidity: 25% RH ~ 80% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Transport Atmospheric Pressure: 70 kPa ~106 kPa
  • Working Atmospheric Pressure: 86 kPa ~ 106 kPa

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