DRE HydroTherm SG Autoclave

DRE HydroTherm SG Autoclave

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The DRE HydroTherm SG operates easily, safely, and reliably

The DRE HydroTherm SG is a state of the art autoclave, designed for clinical and laboratory use. This autoclave includes an easy to use interface, intelligent control systems that prevent errors, and five pre-set options for convenience.

The DRE HydroTherm SG is available through DRE Medical . For more information, contact a DRE representative today.


  • Five pre-set options for convenience:
    • 250°F/solid (250°F/unwrapped)
    • 250°F/wrapped (250°F/wrapped)
    • 273°F/solid (273°F/unwrapped)
    • 273°F/wrapped (273°F/wrapped)
    • Cotton
  • Screen display of parameters and conditions during processing
  • Adjustable sterilization times
  • Successive sterilization process option keeps the autoclave warm until it is opened, allowing for reduced warming time between sterilizations
  • If an error occurs, the machine will stop running, pressure will be released, and an alarm will go off to prevent damage
  • Equipped with a water quality check system to prevent dirty water being used
  • Key for vacuum test program
  • Waste water tank indicator light detects when water levels are too high/too low


  • 3 shelf rack
  • Equipment tray
  • Tray shelf
  • Tray holder
  • Drain hoses


Chamber Dimensions

  • 9.75 in x 17 in
  • Holds 22 liters

Overall Dimensions

  • 25.5 in L
  • 16.5 in H
  • 19.75 in W


  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Voltage: one-phase 110V±11V

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