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We now offer the DRE Xavier-MH Portable as a great alternative to the BFW True View Classic

Most examination headlights are simply bright flashlights mounted on a headband. The Halogen III series applies our advanced High Beam TriLens technology into a portable headlight. The result is an unequaled clean, bright, adjustable and well-focused large spot of light.

Our Halogen III affords two hours of portable use time with the BFW™ ECOPAC™ rechargeable battery. Recharge ECOPAC™ up to 500 times, or use the Halogen III with our specifically engineered AC plug-in transformer.

Our Classic headband is form-fitted, sturdy and dual-adjustable.

Halogen III is available in a through-the-lens, true coaxial format. The True View is fitted with our mechanically advanced swivel to let you position the optic over your dominant eye. A tunnel centered through our True View optic results in undeviating, shadow-free vision with excellent light reaching deep into any body cavity.

The True View Portable Headlight is available as an entire system that includes:

  • True View Headlight
  • Transformer (110V or 220/240V)
  • ECOPAC™ 2-Hour Rechargable Battery Pack
  • Re-Energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC™ (110V 0r 220/240V)
  • 2 Spare 10W Halogen Bulbs
  • Hard Shell Carrying Case

Single Options

  • MID 9150 — 110V Transformer; UL and c/UL Approved
  • MID 9151 — 220/240V Transformer; CE Approved
  • MID 9400 — ECOPAC™ 2-Hour Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • MID 9410 — 110V Re-energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC™ UL and c/UL Approved
  • MID 9411 — 220/240V Re-energizer Charging Unit for ECOPAC™CE Approved
  • MID 3600 — Replacement Bulb
  • MID 4450 — Carrying Case
  • MID 7704 — Positioning Bar

Opciones del producto

BFW MID 9510 True View Classic Portable Headlight - Refurbished
BFW MID 9510 True View Classic Portable Headlight System - Refurbished

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