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Rhinoplasty Surgical Instrument Set

Rhinoplasty Surgical Instrument Set

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DRE offers Sklar Surgical Instrument Sets. These standard sets include the instruments most commonly used for the designated procedure. Additional instruments may be needed for your particular use. Please contact your DRE representative for details on purchasing additional instruments.

Rhinoplasty Surgical Instrument Set

Quantity Name Description Size
2 Joseph Button End Knife Straight 6"
2 Joseph Knife Sharp Point Large Straight 6"
2 Ballenger Swivel Knife Bayonet 4mm 7-3/4"
2 Freer Septum Knife   6-1/4"
2 Sklar Edge™ Tungsten Carbide Mayo Dissecting Scissors Straight 5-1/2"
2 Fomon Nasal Scissors Dorsal Angle 5" 
2 Joseph Scissors Straight 5-3/4"
2 Joseph Scissors Curved 5-3/4"
2 Micro Adson Dressing Forceps Serrated 4-3/4"
3 Lucae Bayonet Forceps Serrated 5-1/2"
3 Jansen Bayonet Forceps   6-1/2"
3 Killian Nasal Speculum Small 2"
3 Killian Nasal Speculum Medium 3"
10 Halsted Mosquito Forceps Straight 5"
10 Halsted Mosquito Forceps Curved 5"
1 Aufricht Retractor Solid Blade 6-1/4"
1 Cottle Retractor Two Recessed Center Prongs 5-1/2
1 Cottle Knife Guard and Retractor 5mm Wide Slotted Hook 8"
1 Vienna Nasal Speculum Adult  
1 Fomon Retractor Single Ball End 6-1/4"
1 Walsham Septum Straightening Forceps Straight 9"
1 Ash Septum Straightening Forceps   9"
1 Knight Septum Forceps Cup Cutting Jaws 7"
1 Joseph Periosteal Elevator 6.5mm 7"
1 McKenty Septum Elevator Curved 5mm 6"
2 Cottle Nasal Chisel Rounded Corner 4mm 7"
2 Cottle Nasal Chisel Rounded Corner 7mm 7"
1 Aufricht Glabellar Rasp Forward Cutting 8"
1 Aufricht Glabellar Rasp Backward Cutting 8"
2 Joseph Skin Hook 2 Prong 5mm Sharp 6-1/4"
1 Joseph Skin Hook 1 Prong Sharp 6-1/4"
1 Joseph Bayonet Bone Saw Right 7-1/2"
1 Joseph Bayonet Bone Saw Left 7-1/2"
1 Frazier Suction Tube 10 French  
1 TC Crile-Wood Needle Holder Narrow Serrated Tungsten Carbide 6"
1 Fomon Nasal Chisel With Guarded Tip 7mm 5-3/4"
10 Backhaus Towel Clamp   5-1/4"
12 Hoff Towel Clamp   4"


The contents of this set are subject to availability. Due to instrument updates and pattern changes equal substitutions may be necessary. Any changes to the set or your order will be communicated as occurred. If substitution is not acceptable a portion or full refund of your order will be applied.


Contact your DRE sales representative at 1.800.477.2006 for customizations and pricing of this set.

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