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Bird Legacy Ventilator - Refurbished

Bird Legacy Ventilator - Refurbished

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The Bird Legacy Ventilator is one of the few portable volume ventilators that is turbine-driven instead of by compressor, which results in a lighter chassis which runs with less heat. Operating modes include Control, Assist/Control, SIMV, and CPAP (see below for definitions). Features include pressure support ventilation, automatic apnea backup ventilation when apnea is detected, integral real-time digital airway pressure monitor with adjustable high and low pressure alarms, and comprehensive monitoring package which includes PIP, MAP, breath rate, I:E Ratio, Tidal Volume (Vte), Minute ventilation (VE), Inspiratory Time (Ti) and PEEP.


Ventilator delivers gas at selected tidal volume, peak flow and rate settings. The patient is still able to draw spontaneous breaths through the piston bypass check valve.

Assist Control

A positive pressure breath is triggered when the patient's spontaneous inspiratory effort drops below the pre-set assist sensitivity level; if the patient does not trigger the machine within the breath-to-breath time set by the rate control, the vent will automatically deliver a breath.

SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation)

Allows the patient to breath spontaneously and to receive a fixed number of positive pressure breaths as set by the rate control. These breaths can be patient-initiated (assisted) or ventilator-initiated (controlled).CPAP: (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) delivers a continuous inspiratory pressure.

Note: A separate model called the Legacy O2 is the hospital version of the Legacy ventilator. It incorporates a 40-60 PSI oxygen inlet port for hospital hookups.

External Battery Info:

External Battery for the T-bird Legacy: Like Respironics, Bird does not make an external battery for their ventilators, but recommends batteries made by outside vendors (Mar Vac Electronics, Costa Mesa, CA is the outsource for Bird). (Item # PS12330), External battery for Legacy, 12 volts, 30 Amp-hours; the external battery requires an inverter (#PROWATT250), to which both the battery and the vent are attached to power the battery (the inverter changes the battery's DC voltage into AC current). Recharge of battery requires charger for PS12330 (Item# PS12300A).

PowerSonic Part# R&D Part# Voltage Amp-Hours
PS12260 5392 (Bolt)
5393 (Spade)
12 volts 26 AH
PS12280 Not Available 12 volts 28 AH
PS12330 5395 (Bolt only) 12 volts 33 AH

All batteries require ProWatt 250 qualified inverter (plug your AC cord into inverter, changes battery power to AC power).

Battery Docking Bays

The Battery Docking Bay is a device that attaches to the bottom of the T-Bird ventilator; a flat suitcase-shaped battery pack can be easily inserted and retracted from the bay. The Docking Bay system, however, is not available for the Legacy ventilator series, and is only used on the non-Legacy T-bird ventilators. The only external battery system for the Legacies is the one described above.

Remote Alarm Info

Remote alarm for the T-bird Legacy: there is no remote alarm available for the Legacy; instead, the manufacturer offers cables that attach the unit to an existing hospital nurse-call system. The two cables are: #15619 (Normally Open) and #15620 (Normally closed). Normally closed and open refers to the type of electrical circuit; if the cable is pulled out, and the system does not alarm, it requires a NO cable. If the system alarms when the cable is disconnected, a NC cable is required.

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