Cincinnati Blanketrol III Hyper-Hypothermia System - Refurbished

Cincinnati Blanketrol III Hyper-Hypothermia System - Refurbished

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Reliable and Effective Patient Warming and/or Cooling

The microprocessor controlled, Blanketrol® III total body Hyper-Hypothermia water therapy system provides effective patient warming and/or cooling all in one system! The Blanketrol® III offers the same large heater and highest flow rates as the Blanketrol II, but it has added features that make it the most innovative of any hyper-hypothermia system providing a fast response to core body temperature regulation.

Active Cooling/Heating Technology

The Blanketrol® III is CSZ's solution to the changing needs of the hypo-hyperthermia market. The following innovations are now available on the Blanketrol®III:

  • Preset-Variable and Programmable Variable Gradient temperature selection is available in both heating and cooling mode which allows for rapid or gradual patient temperature management control.
  • A new feature, SMART mode, associated with the term gradient setting is to have the ability to for the BIII to adjust the gradient temperature settings of 5°C should you not reach your desired patient temperature within 30 minutes. The Blanketrol® III continues to monitor and adjust temperature every 30 minutes until your desired patient temperature is reached.


  • Dimensions: 17 (W) × 17 (D) × 37.5 (H) inches (43.2 × 43.2 × 95.2 cm)
  • Fluid Temperature Range Manual: 4°C to 42°C (39.2°F to 107.6°F)
  • Patient Temperature Set Point Range: 30°C to 40°C (86°-104°F)
  • Weight:122 lbs. (55.3kg.)
  • Flow Rate: 32 gph (121.1 lph) with blanket, approx.>
  • Refrigerant: Non-CFC (R-134A)
  • Heater Power: 800 Watts
  • Paddle Wheel: Water Flow Indicator
  • Internal By-Pass: Pre-Heating or Pre-Cooling

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