Euroclinic Steel Professional TS

Euroclinic Steel Professional TS

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Advanced technology with modern aesthetics

The Euroclinic Steel Professional TS is an advanced podiatry treatment cabinet with ergonomic features. The Steel Professional TS comes with a modern touch screen system that controls all of the movements of the podiatry chair, speed control of the micro-motor and turbine, direction reverse of the micro-motor, and spray to the instruments tablet.

The Steel Professional TS rests upon rubber pivoting castors and has a working top made of scratch proof rolled sections painted with epossidic powders. The top has a built-in splash and anti-drop edge. The workstation includes: speed micro-motor adjustment control, micro-motor reverse movement button, spray key, optic fibers key, germicide light starting key.


  • Stylish Podiatry treatment cabinet, with metal structure and handles painted in grey or white metal color, with crystal-made front-drawers in choice of colors
  • Touch Screen system driving all movements of the podiatry chair (2/3/5motors)
  • Instruments tablet with 3 Function Syringe (air, water, spray)
  • Bien Air or Faro electric micro motor (40.000 r/m), micro-motor and Turbine speed control, and visual alarm signal when revision or replacement of micro-motor is needed
  • Visual alarm signal for replacement of the UV lamp
  • Germicide compartment with UV lamp
  • Terminal coaxial suction cannula for Bien Air mod. PM 1132 hand piece and 3 function syringe with aluminum casing
  • Option to install optic fibers and spray, Borden or Midwest attachment for turbine available and the adjustment for turbine speed.
  • Unit dynamic functions are controlled by a multifunction foot pedal with chip blower button
  • Wide range of drawer combinations
  • Aluminum structure with crystal, colored milk glass drawers


  • 4 Stainless steel trays
  • External Compressor
  • LED Lamps on pole support
  • X-ray viewer

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