Sklar Left Heart Cath Tray (Case of 5)

Sklar Left Heart Cath Tray (Case of 5)

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with Econo™ Floor Grade Instruments

Curved Mosquito Hemostat
Scalpel, #11 Long

Needle, 18ga x 1 1/2"
Needle, 22ga x 1"
Needle, 25ga x 5/8"
Arterial Needle, 18ga x 2 3/4"
5cc Syringe, L/L
(2) 10cc Syringe, L/L
20cc Syringe, L/L

PVP Paint Pouch w/ Sponge Sticks

Absorbent Material:
Back Table Cover, 44 x 70
(3) Blue Linen OR Towels
Absorbent Towel, White, 17 x 29
(30) Gauze Sponges, 4 x 4, 12-ply
Dual Window Angio Drape, 86 x 125

Guidewire Bowl w/ Lip
16 oz. Bowl

(3) Band Bags, 36 x 30
Left Heart Manifold Kit
Clear Set Up Cover, 54 x 70

To customize this tray (or any other tray) to meet your specific needs please contact your DRE customer service rep at 800.499.5383

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